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Now I know that dog’s aren’t aware it’s their birthday, but it’s an occasion for you and all your fellow pup parents to get together and enjoy a party.


Make sure that it’s not just fun for the humans, so be sure to have a large enough space for all the dogs to run around and play, dog-friendly treats and don’t forget some doggy party hats: they might not stay on long, but you’ll at least be able to get a few snaps!


Make sure to extend the canine theme to all human food and drink too.


For example, you could have some paw shaped cookies, cocktails named after dog breeds, dog-printed plates and napkins, etc. You could also have some dog-themed party games to play, such as dog bingo and pin the tail on the dog, which you could easily DIY.



Décor is completely up to you and you can go for something bright and funky as much as boho and rustic: whatever takes your fancy!


As far as seasons, you can host a doggy birthday at any time of the year, but it is preferable to have beautiful sunny weather so both the humans and animals can enjoy being outside.


But really, it doesn’t need to be your pooch’s birthday for you to throw a dog-friendly get together; so make the most of the upcoming summer and throw an event centred around your four legged friends!


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